About Us

St Alban in Kings Road, Romford, is a small Victorian church which was built in 1890.  Situated in a quiet residential area away from the bustling centre of Romford's market town, this little Gothic building houses some amazing contemporary artwork for which it has won numerous Design Awards.

St Alban is a Forward in Faith Church in the Anglo-Catholic tradition.  The Vicar is the Reverend Father Roderick Hingley who plays a very active role in the development of the church both locally and nationally.  Father Hingley has a keen interest in the visual arts and it is his vision and commitment that has led the church to succeed in commissioning high-end contemporary artworks from leading artists.

St Alban is committed to reaching the wider community through the development of several Ministries which include its Outreach Ministry to the Wider Community and the Special Ministry to the schools.  But as well as recognising the need to reach outwards, the Church is also mindful of its own faithful members and runs a very successful on-going social programme which includes annual fundraising activities as well as Faith events and pilgrimages.  In addition to the care of its regular members, the Church extends its warm hospitality to all who come in through its doors.

The Church Times wrote an article about St Alban Church in 2006 in which it praised the Church for the brave commissioning of the artworks and acknowledged the beauty bestowed on the surroundings by the presence of these works.  The author says: " From the outside, there is little to suggest that once inside we will find ourselves transported to the very gates of heaven........ The church is worth travelling many hundreds of miles to see."  And so it is, but not just for the amazing visual work on display but also because of an additional wow-factor element - a sense of coming home.

The church is a jewel - come and see it for yourself.