Our Church

The dual purpose church was built in 1955 and at a later date it was planned to do a church rebuild, but this never took place. There were very detailed drawings made of a major working around about the time when CCCP was set up, but these were well scaled down. However many years before this a house was built in the area of Eldred Avenue/Iceni Way for the curate to live in, but in recent years this has now been rented out. Richard Cooper (who sadly died on 25th December 2015) recalled that to the left of the door at St Cedd’s Church, as you enter the building from the car park, that the brickwork was left in a way, as that was where the building was to be extended around across the grass for the church to be built on, but that never actually happened.

Now looking more to the modern times, one of the continuing problems around the roads in Colchester are the amount of potholes and the drive into St Cedd’s is the same, but thanks was given in the church magazine in late 2012 to Dave, John, Terry, Robin and Adrian who filled in the potholes. Also cleared away were the soak away drains. Inside the buildings there are various pictures and other wall hangings, one features “The Light of the World” this was donated by Win Johnson in memory of her husband and a “Last Supper” in the Committee Room/Chapel which was given by the Youth Group many years ago, after being bought by Colin King and his father Don.

We have already heard that St Cedd’s was built in 1955, and Barbara Stephens believed that the nearby Roman Catholic Church of St John’s was built around about the same time and we have shared numerous Good Friday Stations of the Cross services with them, either in their church or at St Cedd’s and in recent years at both. This she felt began in the mid 1970’s whilst the curate, the Reverend Chris Boulton was here who was part of the instigator.