About Us

All Saints is a loving and vibrant Church whose evangelistic mission is to make Christ known in Kenley.  The depth of relationship that Christ offers, and the personal and corporate nature of that relationship, is our main focus.  Seeking first the Kingdom of God, being open to the Holy Spirit afresh, and thus making Christ known to others is paramount.    

We enjoy a truly wide variety of services from the contemporary, to the traditional.  We have a talented  choir which provides the music for our traditional services,which include Matins, Choral Eucharists, Evensong, etc.  Eric Beven is our organist and Choir Master.  For our contemporary services we have a well-established professional band, and singers.  We make much use of technology within these services and therefore enjoy the use of a screen and projector, a good sound system for the band, modern songs, movie clips, etc.  For a schedule of services please go to our services page.

We are part of the Diocese of Southwark within the Church of England.  We are also in relationship with St Barnabas Church in Purley with whom we share our Priest in Charge, The Revd Chris Thomson.

Post code for your satnav: CR8 5DU