Weddings, Blessings & Civil Partnerships

Our two beautiful and historic churches offer perfect settings for weddings, as well as celebratory services of prayer and/or dedications after a Civil Marriage or Civil Partnership. We will do all we can to make sure your special day is as joyous and memorable an occasion as possible. That includes supporting you in the preparations, both logistically as well as emotionally and spiritually.

To help you plan that perfect day, we have created a Pinterest board ‘Wanstead Parish Weddings’. Find it at

Here’s a short video clip of a wedding held at Christ Church to give you an idea. As well as the church itself, we have lovely grounds in which to take photographs or offer a post ceremony drink.

Whether or not you choose to get married in one of our churches, we hope you enjoy browsing the list of fantastic local suppliers that can make your day a special one.