Church of England Diocese of Peterborough Bisbrooke

The Churches of the Lyddington Benefice

The Lyddington Benefice was formed in October 2010. It brought together the following parishes

St John the Baptist, Bisbrooke           www.achurchnearyou/church/6736

St John the Evangelist, Caldecott       www.achurchnearyou/church/6737

St Andrew, Glaston                               www.achurchnearyou/church/6735

St John the Baptist, Harringworth      www.achurchnearyou/church/6734

St Andrew, Lyddington                         www.achurchnearyou/church/6732

All Hallows, Seaton                                www.achurchnearyou/church/6738

St Andrew, Stoke Dry                            www.achurchnearyou/church/6733