About Us

Holy Rood is the Parish Church in Wool, Dorset.

Our Parish covers Wool, Bovington, East Stoke, and some surrounding villages like Coombe Keynes and East Burton. We are part of West Purbeck Benefice.

We do not update the Church Near You website regularly and the latest information is to found at our own website at www.holyroodwool.org

We describe ourselves as 'middle of the road' welcoming of all.

Our vision is to be a church without walls and our aims are that: -

    •  We long to see God grow His church in Wool and to help increasing numbers of people to come to faith in Him.

    •  We want to deepen our own relationship with God based on sound preaching and biblical teaching.

    •  We want to reach out to all ages across the community.

    •  We seek to have a visible presence in the parish outside our church based activities, showing God's relevance to every aspect of our lives.