About Us

Keasden is situated three miles from Clapham, and the ecclesiastical district it covers is remote and scattered; covering a wide area measuring six miles by ten.

Church Services in Keasden were originally held in a bobbin mill but, in order that people might have the advantage of a more suitable place of worship, James Farrer of Clapham “came forward in the more liberal manner, not only providing a piece of land about 2 roods and 28 perches in extent, but also had erected a neat looking and substantial small Church”.

The building, which can accommodate about 150 people, was built in a fairly simple character architecturally.  The windows are single lancets with three windows grouped together to form an east window, and all are glazed with tinted rolled glass.

The Church and adjacent burial ground were consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Ripon in September, 1873.