About Us

The church is in the middle of the picturesque village of
Waddington and was built between 1899 & 1901 although the
oldest part of the church is the Tower, this has remained
unchanged since 1501

We receive many queries about weddings and baptisms.

We are delighted to welcome people to St Helen's for a wedding.
There are many wonderful venues near here for a wedding

Like other churches, we are not allowed to marry just anyone.
Those who live in the parish or have worshipped at the church
for six months may get married here. Others with a significant
family connection may also get married here.

Several couples each year choose to worship here for six months
so they may marry at St Helen's. It is a joy get to know people a
little before their wedding.

Everyone has the right to be baptised in their parish church. We
receive more requests for baptism from outside the parish than
we can cope with. We only baptise those who live in the parish
or have a strong connection with the church.