St Michael's, Soho Hill, Handsworth

St Michael's Handsworth has stood high on Soho Hill for over 160 years, a faithful, prayerful presence in the catholic tradition, centred around the love of God celebrated, shared and received in the Bread and Wine of the Mass.  We are a small congregation with a big heart and warm welcome seeking to serve our local community.  Our fine Victorian building needs some attention, but we have plans to restore and open our grounds and building more widely for the benefit of the whole locality.  Our Foodbank opens at 11am every Tuesday morning.  Like St Michael the Archangel, we want to bring a bring a bit of heaven down to earth!

Get in touch

Father Domininc Melville

Parish Office
60 Beeton Road
Winson Green

B18 4QD
Father Dominic Melville - Parish Priest
Father Dominic Melville - Parish Priest
07856 595696
What's on

Weekday Mass

Every Wednesday at for 30 mins
The Vicarage
The Vicarage, Next door to the Church on Soho Avenue

Every Wednesday at 10:30am in the Vicarage next door on Soho Avenue (until the weather gets warmer!), a half hour service with a short reflection and without hymns, with a cup of coffee afterwards.

Every Tuesday from 11am to 1pm a joint effort from dedicated volunteers and generous donors is distributing food and more to anyone who needs a bit of a helping hand.