About Us

Ss Peter and Paul (or Aston Parish Church as it is sometimes known) is an old building; in fact there has been a church on this site since the Domesday book was written in 1086.  The length of time that it has stood meanse it has history surrounding it, including links to many well-known names in Aston's history; the Holtes (through the nearby Aston Hall), Ansell (of Ansell's brewery) and even an ancestor or two of William Shakespeare are just a few examples.

Today, the church is very much the centre of a very diverse community.  Its congregation is made up of people from many cultures - European, African and Asian alike.  The church together with two others [St James, Aston (which is a lively mainly Afro-Caribbean church) and St Matthew, Nechells (a slightly smaller but no less friendly church)] forms the Parish of Aston and Nechells, and together they hold various events throughout the year to share God's love through actions.

One feature of the church that has been added more recently is the addition of a new full-immersion baptism pool.  This pool, designed in the shape of a cross, was added into an extension of the front platform, whilst a ramp was also added to the side of the church in order to make sure that there was wheel-chair access to every part of the church.  When not in use, the pool is covered by a thick layer of glass, but can still be viewed, and gives added meaning to those being baptised as they 'die in Christ and rise to new life with him.'