About the church

Built: 1958
Architect: A Llewellyn-Smith
Listing: Not listed
(tower and portal of old church are listed grade II)

Standing in the forecourt of the present church are the portico fragment of the old west front and tower by J Fowler 1876, which remain from the earlier church, destroyed in World War II.

The new church is brick built with stone columns to new porticos. The shallow pitched roof is copper covered and lower roofs are flat asphalt covered concrete. The tower and old walls are Ragstone. The building is rectangular; the main worship space is cruciform with a sanctuary, transepts and nave. The vestry, parish office, meeting room and chapel fill the four re-entrant corners. The narthex to the west and adjacent entrance lobbies are entered from porticos. The car park beyond the east end of the church also gives access to the Rectory at the south end and the Hall to the north.