Donations and regular giving

Our church relies on the generosity of its regular congregation and the wider community. For our members, giving is a way of expressing our gratitude to God for all that he has blessed us with. It is a way in which we can help to support the ministry of the church as we seek to share God's love and presence with the wider community.

During the recent lockdown, although we have been meeting for prayer and worship and have continued to serve our neighbours,  we have not been able to host our usual services or the  activities which help to raise much needed income to keep our historic building in good shape and our mission live and active. Our Easter Gift Appeal was put on hold during a time of enormous anxiety and uncertainty about the future and we have not been able to run our grand draw this year. Although financial worries are still there for many people, Holy Trinity Church like many other organisations is now trying to find a way of moving forward.

Holy Trinity currently has a serious outbreak of dry rot. It has destroyed the pew platform in the North Aisle and it will require the removal of all the pews in that aisle for treatment. The pew platform is too damaged to be restored and it is likely that the pews will be replaced on a new floor as in the south aisle. As well as ordinary running costs and maintenance this will require large expenditure. If you are able to support us with this we would be extremely grateful. We are too small a group to raise the amounts needed without the help of our wider community. Many thanks for any donation you might be able to make to help us with this.

To assist us with an on-line gift please click here: