About Us

The church of St Peter and St Paul, Runham, sits high up at the edge of the village.

In the last twenty years, with help from all parts of the village and church communities, including grants from English Heritage, the church has undergone a revival.  From being a building considered to be derelict, it is now a fully functioning church.

The church was once made famous in an episode of "Some Mothers Do Have 'Em" when Michael Crawford came through the chancel roof!  Thankfully, that wouldn't be possible these days!

Runham Church has no fixed pews and so is a great space for all kinds of activities, apart from Sunday worship.  For a week in August, Runham really comes alive when Holiday Club arrives.  With a few props and a lot of imagination, over the past few years Runham Church has been a space station, a polar expedition centre, a cruise ship, a rubbish tip and, this year, a tropical island.

There is still a bit to do, but Runham Church is work in progress.  Come and visit - the church is open during daylight hours.


At the present time the South Trinity Broads Parish is in interregnum and we hope to appoint a new Priest-in-Charge in late Spring 2017.   For all enquiries concerning services or the arranging of marriages, funerals or baptisms please contact Mrs Alston (01493) 369326