About Us

We are a very friendly and welcoming church and many people find a wonderful atmosphere in our beautiful medieval building.

Our worship is traditional Anglo Catholic; Solemn Mass is celebrated at 9:15am each Sunday.  Mass is celebrated eastward facing, with incense used at every Solemn Mass.  Latin ('fiddleback') vestments are worn. Merbecke is sung and the Extraordinary Form is used on Sundays.   As is custom in the Extraordinary Form, The Asperges preceed the Solemn Mass on Sundays, with Vide Aquam preceeding the Solemn Mass on Sundays in Eastertide.

Many people find that our traditional approach to worship gives us a special and valuable place within the local deanery, and along with this we are blessed with a wonderful cross-section of people; largely from our parish population.

St Mary's is a Society Parish, affiliated to the Society of S Wilfred and S Hilda; which enables us to be a church where poeple of all viewpoints and integrities can worship with confidence and at the same time feel very much at home.

We look forward to welcoming you to S Mary's!