About Us

All Saints has a regular Sunday service at 10:30 every Sunday and special services at church festivals. We also have on-line services at 11 am on Fridays, 10:30 on Sunday mornings and we have a catch-up after church on Sunday at 11:30. More details at www.allsaintsshootershill.org

Our Parish and Mission

Most London parishes contain a real mix of people, and All Saints, Shooters Hill is no exception. A diverse group of faithful people, most brought up as Christians, have made All Saints their spiritual home. Some are long-term, even lifelong, residents of the area, others have only recently arrived from, for example, Nigeria and we have every variation in between.

The parish contains every kind of housing: lots of owner occupied properties, two large local authority estates and private rented accommodation of every kind.

Historically this part of London has been one of the cheapest to live in (though this is changing rapidly with the DLR and the Elizabeth line), and so has been a place which has welcomed many new immigrants.

It is an area where local authority housing is used to provide secure places for mums with their children and we have a high proportion of young people in the parish. Our call is to bring the gospel alive for a diversity of people: black and white, rich and poor, born in Britain and born elsewhere, some who already know the importance of the good news, some who need to hear it for the first time.


All Saints Church exists to help people live the best life possible through our commitment to serving God, the community and one another.

* Note that the faces on pictures of the congregation have been blurred to meet GDPR requirements.