About the church

Built: 1903 - 11
Architect: A E Habershon
Listing: not listed

The church was built to the designs of the architect A E Habershon. Building work started in 1903. The west and east ends were added in 1911. The accommodation comprises nave and side aisles, chancel and sanctuary, vestry and organ chamber on the north side and a Lady Chapel on the south side. There is an entrance lobby at the west end and porches at the east end of the north and south Aisles. The church is constructed in the gothic style in yellow London Stock bricks with coloured terracotta details to window arches, cills, copings, etc.

The nave, aisles, chancel and sanctuary, choir vestry, organ chamber and Lady Chapel are covered in pitched slated roofs. The sacristy is covered with a flat roof.