About Us

St Mark’s is alive, full of genuine love! It is a welcoming and growing church family, spanning the generations. Our worship style is  relaxed - our clergy wear robes and we use Common Worship liturgy, but our emphasis is on gathering and worshipping together, rather than getting things right all the time. Our hymns are a mix of traditional and more modern worship music. We are disability- and dementia-friendly, and we make a lot of effort to provide practical support – such as all-in-one, large-print bespoke documents for our main services – to ensure genuine inclusivity.

We don’t just worship together: we have a true sense of family. We are immensely supportive of each other, offering prayers and hands-on help when people go through tough times.  When the lockdown started, we formed ourselves into fellowship groups of about 6-8 households each, to make sure that everyone has emotional and practical support.  We're glad to be back in the church building worshipping together in-person, with some services also available online as well via YouTube. 

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.