Church of England Diocese of St.Albans St. Stephen, St. Albans

Not online?

6 Mar 2021, noon
Reverend Audrey Simpson of Stratford upon Avon Methodist Church is welcoming everyone to her Phone Fellowship - there are folks from Stratford upon Avon, Stoke, Manchester, Worcester, Watford, St Albans, Wroughton and Swindon who are joining. It is one way for you all to have some company and fellowship and worship during lockdown.

You can join  this service and time of fellowship from your telephone (land or mobile) from wherever you are living. It lasts 35 minutes maximum.

It is on every Wednesday afternoon starting at 2.30pm and it will continue each week … led by a variety of people.

So how do you join this? Well, in business circles, this is called a Conference Call!

Just pick up your landline or mobile and at or just before 2.30pm every Wednesday.

First ring: 0333 0164 757 – then wait for a prompt and enter the meeting number 42994656# - then wait for a prompt and enter pin number 1834#.

All are welcome and please do contact us for further details if you are not sure how to access this.

You will all be made very welcome!

And it is like ringing up a local land line – you will only pay after 59 minutes – depending on your tariff – but the call will end at 45 minutes to be on the safe side! Please do come and join.

Please do check your tariff gives you this 59 minute free call facility

Please feel free to ring up James Rowley on 01727 857826 or the Reverend Audrey Simpson on 01789 267971 to get further instructions.