Church of England Diocese of St.Albans Bedford, St. Mark

Getting Married?

St Marks Church welcomes anybody thinking of marriage

We have a most beautiful chapel for the signing of registers and lovely grounds for photographs

St Mark's Church is not an old traditional church but it is a very lovely church with one of the most beautiful chapels with stained glass by Joseph Nuttgens who has completed commissions for the Queen.  Of course we also have lots of things which more traditional buildings do not always have; plenty of car parking, heating, a proper audio visual system, comfortable seating, lots of the things which you need to make this your perfect day.

We are also the friendliest church you could possibly find and our fees are never increased above the minimum so no extra costs for a video, a verger or anything like that. Oh and the answer is yes - you can throw confetti !

Just "Get in touch" to find out more.