About Us

We want our church to be one that is ...

Welcoming and inviting

We organise church life in ways that clearly show we exist for the benefit of those who aren’t yet members

We are hospitable, creating community that includes people of all ages and backgrounds

We consistently seek out opportunities to invite people to our week by week and special events

We expect belonging to our church to be transforming and fun

We consistently proclaim and explain the Gospel.

Otherly and giving

We expect everyone to give their time, gifts and money freely for the sake of God’s kingdom

We seek to serve selflessly, consistently looking out for the needs of others

We are quick to forgive when others hurt us or get things wrong

We actively encourage and honour one another.

Empowering and risk taking

We encourage people to step out in faith by living distinctly and by leading and serving in new ways

We intentionally delegate responsibility and constantly look to grow new leaders

We give people the freedom to fail, celebrating faithfulness and the willingness to learn over “success”

We expect God to work powerfully in and through us when we meet together and in everyday life, and we expect to be agents of change in our homes and at work.

Worshipping and prayerful

We make worship and prayer an integral part of all we do

We encourage a culture of faith, expecting God to speak to us and expecting the miraculous

We see ourselves as disciples, quick to learn humbly from God and from others

We aim to give God the very best in all we do, while knowing that we need to give and receive grace when we fail.