About the church

Built: 1858
Architect: Sir George Gilbert Scott
Listing: grade 2

The main part of the church was built in 1857-8 to the design of Sir George Gilbert Scott, the upper part of the tower and spire being completed in 1861-2. The choir vestry was added in 1884 (John Oldrid Scott); All Saints' Chapel in 1915 (Cecil Hare); the clergy vestry in the same year; and the mezzanine inserted, with the provision of meeting rooms, toilets, kitchen, crí¨che and so on, in 1975-8 (Hutchison, Locke and Monk).

Stained glass by Wailes (sanctuary c1861, and west rose 1868) and Hardman (some N and S aisle windows); screen and organ Case by Sir A Blomfield; Sanctuary fittings by Hare 1908-9, with additional panelling by Pearce in 1934; Chancel ceiling decorations pre-1909, redecorated by Campbell Smith & Co 1992.

The building volumes comprise:

Under a single double-pitched roof , the nave which is subdivisible by 3 sliding screens and west porch and entrance foyer with mezzanine gallery over.

Under a mono-pitched roof , the south aisle, and south passage, kitchen storerooms, male toilets, south porch lobby and south staircase up to the mezzanine level, with meeting room, chaplain's/wardens office, toilet.

Under a double-pitched roof, the south porch.

Under a mono-pitched roof, the north aisle, and crí¨che with its store and toilet, and south staircase up to the mezzanine level meeting room.

Within the tower structure: at ground floor level, storeroom, female toilets, north porch lobby; at mezzanine floor level, meeting room, lobby, store and toilet; at upper mezzanine level, a store room accessible by loft ladder; accessible by spiral staircase in succession, the ringing chamber, bell chamber and clock chamber, and finally, accessible by extension ladder, the spire itself.

Under a double-pitched roof with apsidal end, the chancel and sanctuary. Under a mono-pitch roof, with abutting lower apsidal roof, All Saints Chapel.