About Us

We are a vibrant and growing Anglican church at the heart of our community and are committed to:   Going deeper into God through our worship and community life; Encouraging one another to become effective disciples of Jesus and to know him in a deeper and more personal way; Transforming the wider community in the Farley Hill estate through practical service, rooted in our belief that God wants the best for its people. St John's is a 'work in progress' but we are having a great time learning and growing together as we rely on the Holy Spirit to lead us on our journey.

Everyone, young and old and from any background, is very welcome to join us in an exciting phase of the church's life as we seek to actively grow in our faith within a community that provides everyone with a real sense of belonging and which values each and every person, despite our differences.
    All of us, including those of you reading this, are on a spiritual journey of some sort, so why not come along and be a part of what God is doing in Farley Hill?  We may not have the answers to all of life's questions, but we believe that God wants to meet with us personally and will help us make sense of life and whatever we might be going through.