The Marriage Service is the gateway to the married state. In the service, bride and groom come before God to make a solemn and binding commitment to each other for life.

The Marriage Service itself is very simple.

In the first part the couple make their vows to each other and are pronounced "Man and Wife". In the second part of the service, the congregation prays for the couple's future life together.

The setting for the service can be as elaborate (organ, choir, bells, penguin suits) or as simple (vicar, couple, two witnesses) as the couple themselves choose to make it.

Questions & Answers

Q: Who is qualified to be married at St. Margaret's?

A: Where you can and can't get married is laid down by the law of the land. The law changed on 1st October 2008. In addition to the traditional rules for getting married in church:

- One of you lives in this parish or

- One of you has a long-standing connection with the Church such as entitles you to be on its Electoral Roll.

You can now get married at St. Margaret's if:

- One of you was baptised in the parish.

- The name of one of you appears on the Confirmation Register of the parish.

- One of you has at any time attended worship in the parish for six months or more (i.e. not just the last six months).

- One of your parents has lived in the parish for at least six months during your lifetime (time in the womb doesn't count).

- One of your parents regularly attended worship in the church for six months during your lifetime.

- Your parents or grandparents were married in the church.

Q: What if we already have children?

A: Being unmarried parents or a single parent is no bar to a church wedding.

Q: What if I am marrying some-one who is not a UK citizen?

A: People of any nationality who are qualified to marry in St. Margaret’s may be married in the church and take the opportunity to celebrate their union in God’s house. The vicar will meet you and discuss with you the differing procedures that apply if one or both of you is a citizen of the European Economic Area or a national of another country.

Q: What if one or both of us are divorced?

A: Remarriage of divorcees may take place under certain circumstances providing that one of the qualifications for being married in St. Margaret’s has been met. In all circumstances concerning people who have been previously married please contact the vicar for a preliminary conversation

Q: How do we go about it?

A: Step 1: Ring the Vicar and determine if you have a qualifying connection with St. Margaret’s Church.

Step 2: The vicar will visit you to take some initial details and explain how you may begin to plan your wedding.