About Us

Welcome to St Peter's Church.   

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The church is one of the oldest buildings in the Parish, and is in use on most days of the week for various village activities as well as church services.  (See the Services and Events page)

St Peter's is a Grade 1 Listed Building, with a list of clergy going back to 1180.  The original building was constructed by monks from Waltham Abbey, in the early 12th century.  This is now the sanctuary with the main altar used for Holy Communion every week. The main part of the building (the nave) was added over the next 100 years.  The church roof is original with superb carvings of many local people of the time. 

There are two Leper Squints in the West wall & several other interesting features.

The wooden bell tower fell down and gave rise to the rhyme

Arlesey men are naughty people

they sold their bells to build a steeple.

However, in Victorian times a new tower with 6 bells was a built by the widow of the local squire in his memory . Bell ringing practice is on Friday evenings and more ringers are always welcome (excellent training willingly given) - for more details contact the Tower Captain, Peter Overfield, e-mail [email protected] //