About the church

Built: 1952
Architect: John L Denman
Listing: not listed

The church was built in 1952 to the design of John L Denman. The vestries, lavatories, kitchen and Lady Chapel were added in the 1960's.

The church consists of a nave, south aisle, sanctuary in continuation of the nave, Lady Chapel attached to the sanctuary on the north side and a series of ancillary rooms (lavatories, vestries, etc) surrounding the sanctuary all under asphalt flat roofs. Main walls are load-bearing brickwork supporting a pitched roof covered in clay pantiles carried on 4 steel trusses which support timber purlins and rafters. The ceilings of the nave, sanctuary aisle and dwarf transepts are false vaulted by suspended ceilings of plaster on hessian stretched over a light wood frame which is an unusual feature.