About Us

St. John's, set amongst the imposing trees of picturesque Great Amwell, has an enchanting ancient churchyard and a cosy yet inspiring interior. Viewed across the meadows beside the New River, its tower peeps out reassuringly above the village, for a thousand years a timeless scene of natural beauty, an anchor in a world of rapid and often unsettling change. The friendly congregation values the traditional Christian worship practised since the Reformation but now presented in a lively easy to follow form. Services held at a conveniently early time on Sundays, leave a full day for worshippers to pursue other interests, encouraged by the joy of thanking God for the surrounding beauty, which provides a beacon for our faith and shines light into our lives. Let the splendid peal of bells, ringing out invitingly across the parish, bid you to come and rejoice in our worship and to sing joyfully in praise of the Lord, accompanied by the melodious uplifting tones of our splendid Edwardian organ!