Foodbank - Re-Store project

Created 24 March 2020

Donations needed for Doorstep foodbank at Christ Church

Whilst our immediate focus during this period will naturally be to look after ourselves and our families can we remember to spare a thought for those in our town who rely on our Doorstep foodbank to feed themselves and their families.

Our supplies are dwindling and our usual suppliers just aren't able to provide in the same way. Many foodbanks are having to close due to lack of supplies. For those that can afford it can you purchase one or two multipacks of appropriate items to donate? If this isn't possible 3 tins of something would still help.

To keep us all safe and compliant with government guidance, donations can be brought to the church site on Monday or Wednesday from 11am to 12pm or collected from your home in a safe way (social distance maintained, gloves used etc). Please call us on 01262 404105 or email [email protected] to arrange collection.

Whilst all donations are welcomed preferred items are:-

Tinned food

Beans /spaghetti/soups/veg/fish/rice pudding/fruit

Cheap cereal (aldi good for this)

Uht milk

Biscuits /crisps / (esp for families)

Any long life items

Packets, pasta pots/ noodles/ cuppa soup etc...