About Us

We would describe ourselves as those who adhere to the middle way in the Anglican Communion, being neither markedly High Church/Anglo-catholic nor Low Church.

The choir lead us in the Gloria, Sanctus & Agnes Dei and our clergy, Communion assistants & choir are usually robed. We do not use incense. We do not call our Rector 'Father', we call him Tim.

We are strong supporters of women clergy. While our Rector Tim is a man, both our Associate Minister Judy & Curate Sarah are women. We are very fortunate as our Rector’s wife Hazel is also a priest [and Director of the Diocesan Discipleship Vocation and Ministry Team] and is occasionally free to lead services and or preach

We believe & hope we're warm & welcoming but we won't hug you to death. If you seek privacy this will be respected. At the 10am service we keep a pew free for visitors in the middle of the congregation so you won't have to sit in the front or at the side and can follow what we do.

Children of all ages are welcome.

There are 2 churches in the parish, the Sunday morning services alternate between them.

The Fifth Sunday is a lottery! Please check as to which service is where.

We have a basic pattern to our Services which you can view under the tab "Services and Events" but as there are sometimes changes please do not rely on this! You will also find details of any special services here.

To find out the times and places for our planned Services, go to 'News' to the right, click on the month and it will download a 'Word' document. This is what's published in the Parish Magazine and on Notice Boards.
An A5 card version may be picked up in the Church once the previous month is over.

Every Sunday we give out our 'Weekly Notes' which give details of Services and other activities during the following week as well as the following Sunday. They also give notice of any late changes to the Services as published and advance notice of any special Services.
Normally they will appear on the site once they've been published but may be picked up from either church, both of which are open every day. If you'd like a copy emailed please phone 01483 203352.

We hope you find this page useful & helpful. If you'd like to see more or different information, please contact us. We're quite capable of making mistakes so, please, if you spot something that looks silly, please ring 01483 203352 to check and if it's wrong, we'll say 'Thank you' & correct it.

If you're planning a visit please email Jo at [email protected] to check no additional services or events such as funerals, school assemblies, weddings or visits are taking place when you'd like to come. We don't put these on this site.

Please always check services before making a special journey by phoning in advance.

In the first instance please always phone the Rector Tim Heaney on 01483 202394 or email [email protected]

The Associate Minister, the Revd. Judy Potter's number is 01483 203352.