About Us

St Philip's is the community church of Weston Mill. We are a warm and friendly group of Christians, and would love to serve you in any way we can.  We worship Jesus Christ with a mix of modern and traditional music, and constantly serve Him by ministering to the needs of people in our community, and across Plymouth.

Many people say, "I'm not religious" BUT, they still believe in God. So, why not come and experience a friendly, welcoming service with the people of Weston Mill.

God is not just for Christmas! He's for life. He's not just for the problem times in your lives, but He's always there, and desires you to experience life in it's fullness with Him. Many people find that as you worship God, giving more of their self to Him, they discover just how much He has been longing for us to come home, and know Him personally.

When you take a small step towards God, He takes giant leaps into your heart. He's not just a great big God out there somewhere, He's only a prayer away. He's real, Holy, and He loves YOU!

May God bless you today