About Us

This Lutyens-designed church in the village of Pixham to the East of Dorking is a daughter church of St Martin's Dorking. Its normal monthly pattern of Sunday service is:-

First - Holy Communion at 10.30 am
Second - Morning Prayer at 10.30 am
Third - Pixham Praise (followed by Holy Communion) at 10.30am
Fourth - Rise and Shine (a form of cafe and church) at 10am
Fifth - Songs of Praise at 10.30am

Because we share resources with St Martin's, our services and events are listed in their magazine and weekly news sheet, and on their website.

As members of St Martin's Church and St Mary's Pixham, along with the Christian Centre, we commit our church community to the support, nurture, protection and safeguarding of all. If you have any safeguarding concerns please contact our safeguarding officers:-

Anne Whibberley 01306-889039 email [email protected]

Sue Jamieson 01306 -740954 email [email protected]

For further information please see our safeguarding page.