About Us

The style of worship offered here at St. Mark's would be described as 'liberal catholic', and has at its heart the Eucharist. All of our services include Communion, and most follow the recognised liturgy of the Church of England's new prayer book, "Common Worship". Most of the time we follow the pre-set pattern for the service, but on occasions are keen to experiment with variation, using a wealth of ideas and suggestions that are now available. In essence, though, you can always be assured that our worship is eucharistic in nature and solidly Anglican in identity.

Whilst Sunday is, of course, the principal day for worship, we try our best to honour all the major Saints' days that fall on weekdays with a service; we also hold a mid-week Eucharist on most Wednesdays of each month (please check for actual dates).

For those unable to attend the Eucharist because of illness/infirmity, House Communion is offered, whereby individuals (either in their own homes or in one of our local nursing homes) can receive the sacrament on a regular basis. To arrange such, please contact Fr. Ian.