Church of England Diocese of Guildford St. Stephen Shottermill

Financial Giving to St Stephen’s during the Coronavirus situation

As you know, our church and hall are closed during the lockdown, and your vicar and churchwardens have done all they can to reduce expenses until we can all meet together again safely. Also, our rental income has suffered a drop. Of course, we still need a regular income to maintain our premises and staff and are very grateful to those who can maintain their monthly standing order.

If you normally gift in cash on Sundays or use weekly envelopes or the wall safe in church then may we suggest you put this cash aside weekly so you can bring it when we re-open.

We do have both employed and self-employed members in our congregations who, for various reasons, find their income is at risk and need to temporarily suspend or reduce their regular giving; this is ok, please don’t be embarrassed – but a short email to the treasurer ([email protected]) would help him budget.

On the other hand, with restrictions on travel, holidays, shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, concerts, theatres, cinemas and social gatherings, you may well find your outgoings have already gone down dramatically; if this is so, please consider helping us cover our deficit by making extra gifts. This will help St Stephen’s get through the coronavirus situation and would be most helpful and welcome.

Our support is important, not just for St Stephen’s and our local community but to support other church work across the country and the world.

Thank you and bless you for everything you do in these challenging times.

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St Stephen’s Shottermill PCC

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