About the church building

Built: 1931 - 32
Architect: Martin Travers & M W Grant
Listing: not listed

The church is traditionally orientated with a longitudinal plan looking east towards the chancel and the Holy Table. The nave consists of six bays with simple pointed arches. One of the bays is reserved for the choir. The nave is provided with a traditional timber barrel vaulted roof with ornate timber ties. This type of roof is commonly found in West Country medieval churches. The nave is lit by high level clerestory windows. On each side of the nave, north and south, are located side aisles which are lit by simple tripartite windows with cusped headings. The side aisles are provided with flat timber boarded roofs with timber beams under.

The church is not provided with a crossing and the cruciform shape of the church is suggested by the positioning of the vestries on the north side and on the south side by a porch flanked by an organ chamber and heating chamber.

The west end is served by the main porch, which fills the entire width of the nave. The two side aisles are served by individual porches.

The church is constructed externally of fairfaced stock bricks with slightly recessed pointing.. With exception of the stonework to the windows and the timber cupola all the detailing to the church has been carried out in brickwork, as might be expected from a church of this date. The brickwork is of solid construction in English bond. The side aisles would appear to be provided with mass concrete flat roofs, which are presently covered in asphalt.

The nave is covered with a steeply pitched roof, covered in copper sheeting. Rain water runs off to stepped rainwater gutters concealed behind brick parapets.

The west end of the nave roof is surmounted by a square timber tower and cupola which contains the bell and frame. The cupola is provided with nine light casement windows at high level and louvered vents at low level set within half round arches on each side. It is boarded in timber and painted white.

We currently meet in the Parish Hall on Churchmore Road, as the main church building is in need of repair and is currently out of use.