About Us

St Mark’s is aiming to live out the Great Commandment that Jesus spoke of; to Love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbours as ourselves.

We seek to do this by: -

·         Never kidding ourselves that we have all the answers about God.

·         Being a caring and welcoming community.

·         Accepting everyone for who they are regardless of creed, colour, politics or sexual persuasion.

·         Allowing people to be themselves and not squeezing them into a prescribed mould.

·         Providing helpful activities that enable people to get to know others
e.g. Messy Church, parent and toddler groups, youth groups, community lunches and one-off events.

·         Getting involved in the community
e.g. working in local schools and the Tattenhams Community Library, running a charities bazaar, visiting the housebound.

·         Providing services that allow people to reflect on and evaluate their daily lives.