About Us

The foundation stone of Otterburn Church was laid on 28th September, 1855 and the Church was dedicated by the Lord Bishop of Durham on 27th October, 1857.
Otterburn Church was once served from Elsdon, but became a separate Parish in 1921. From 1857, when the church was dedicated, the Rectors of Elsdon were also Rectors of Otterburn Church. Elsdon and Otterburn Church now form part of a larger group of parishes in North Tyne and Redesdale.

The church is open again during the daytime every day, for visitors and prayer. There is hand sanitiser, guidance about social distancing, and a place to give a contact number should tracing be needed. 

The church welcomes couples who wish to be married in Church.  (There are several reception venues nearby.)  If you are interested in having a church wedding, please contact Revd Elaine Ryder to arrange to meet.  Note that you need to meet the Church of England criteria for a Church wedding, and if you do not already have a connection with Otterburn you will need to attend church here once a month for 6 months to create a connection before your banns are read.  More details about Church of England weddings can be found at www.yourchurchwedding.org