Bell Ringing at St Mary’s, Croscombe

Bell Ringing at St Mary’s, Croscombe

St Mary’s church tower contains a ring of 6 bells, the heaviest, the tenor cast in 1658, weighs over 17cwt (878kg) and is in E flat. The oldest bell is the second, cast in 1613, and the newest the fifth cast in 1820. There is also a small Sanctus bell dating from the late 14th century. The second, tenor and Sanctus bells are listed for preservation by the Church Buildings Council.

All the bells were taken down in 1923 by John Taylor & Co of Loughborough. They were retuned and rehung in a new steel and cast iron frame. The installation was overhauled by the same company in 2015.

Practice Ringing: Monday from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.

Sunday Ringing: Normally on the second and fourth Sundays, from 10:15am to 11.00am.

Please check first regarding both Sunday and practice ringing.

Contact: Ken or Helen Brown

Tel. 01749 346291 Mobile 07799 173955 email: [email protected]