About Us

Holy Trinity Brussels is an English-speaking Anglican church bringing together people from over 40 different nations. We are a church of tremendous diversity, with people from many language groups, races, and social backgrounds. We include single people, families, refugees, ex-pats, and long-established citizens of our host country. For all those who come to us, we aim to offer a place to belong and a spiritual home.

Holy Trinity is a pro-Cathedral of the Anglican Diocese in Europe. That means we are a regional centre for Anglican worship in the North of Europe. We have long been linked to the ICS mission society, which keeps us centred on Jesus. And we’re in the heart of Brussels – above the Gallery Louise shopping centre and next to the Regional Government’s offices: a truly city centre church!

Anglicanism has a distinguished history in Belgium with Anglicans present here since the 1600s. William Tyndale, who translated the Bible into English, lived part of his life in Antwerp and was martyred near Brussels. Our own congregation traces it roots to before the Battle of Waterloo. During the reign of Belgium’s first King, Leopold I, Anglicans worshipped in the royal chapel. Today Holy Trinity plays a full part in local and national relationships with other Belgian and international churches. Nowadays we are a multi-ethnic English-speaking congregation which takes seriously our witness to this increasingly anglophone city and its European institutions.

Our buildings tell a story. The beautiful church building we enjoy dates from the 1880s. Yet alongside this we have a superb new hall complex designed for the needs of the 21st century. So too, in its community life, Holy Trinity seeks to provide the security of an established tradition with cutting edge teaching and prophetic worship.

Our services match our diversity. We offer a quiet early morning communion, a main 10.30 a.m. communion with a full range of children’s activities, an African-style service at 2 p.m. and informal evening praise at 7 p.m. Spend a day at Holy Trinity and you will be led in worship in turn by a traditional robed choir, an African choir and an informal praise band.

Belgium may be your home. Or it may be the place you are trying to make a second home. You may enjoy a privileged lifestyle or be struggling at the margins of society. Whoever you are, there is a place at Holy Trinity for you. Come and be part of Holy Trinity and you will encounter a rainbow community which will welcome you, affirm you, and stretch you. Just as the gospel is intended for the world, so the world comes to Holy Trinity. And whichever part of the world you are from, Holy Trinity can be your spiritual home.


Find out more at http://www.holytrinity.be