About Us

Huelgoat Worship Centre is part of the The Diocese of Europe, Christ Church Brittany. We are a diverse group of English speakers who value the benefit of being able to Worship together in our own language, we welcome all denominations to come along and worship with us. We also enjoy fellowship together and although people live at various distances away from the Church with some travelling for over an hour to attend, opportunities are found to meet  together for social and fellowship purposes.

We try to vary the Service style to ensure that there is something for everyone, we enjoy our music and Prayer and Praise as well as the more traditional Holy Communion using the Book of Common Worship. Two Sundays a month 2nd and 4th our worship is in the parish Church. The other Sundays it is in the Salle across the square.

Each Service is followed by tea and biscuits and time for a good long chat and to get to know each other better as well as a chance to meet new faces. Many of our congregation own holiday homes in Brittany and so visit us at different times throughout the year.

So whether you are new to Brittany, have a holiday home or would just like to know more about Christian Worship in English here in France, come along and see us or give us a call, the Leaders and. Church wardens would be only too pleased to speak to you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.


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