About Us

The church at Bertric Buree appeals to people who have lived all over the globe and from all walks of life. It is the variety of styles of worship and the people themselves, which makes this church special. You can always be assured of a warm and friendly welcome, and there is always a kettle on after the service. There are gardens to spill out into, the scene of truly French-style Bring and Share lunches with trestle tables groaning with homemade foods. Apart from the weekly services at Bertric-Buree there is much of value to the English-speaking people in the region. There are social occasions and meetings but also help in bereavement, people qualified in ‘listening’, a prayer chain and a prayer group. Our Home Groups meet in different areas of the ‘parish’ to study the bible, discuss current matters and to share and grow in their walk in faith. People of all denominations are welcome in the Diocese of Europe and Bertric Buree is no exception – we look forward to welcoming you.