About Us

We are an international church family committed to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, worshipping Him primarily in the English language. We seek to love God in all of our lives, with all that we are—"with all our heart, soul, mind and strength". We do this in response to what He has made known of Himself in Scripture, with an emphasis on:

Bible teaching: We believe that when the Bible is taught, God's voice is heard and only this can meet our deepest needs. 

Prayer: We aim to be a church built by God not man!

Officially Anglican, and with our roots in that denomination, we aim to be a church where a person from any church background (and none) can feel at home. Many people comment on the warm and friendly atmosphere on Sundays, and enjoy the blending of old and new, traditional and contemporary.

There's lots going on from prayer gatherings, student events, Home Groups meeting across the city and beyond, a youth ministry, children's work, conferences, and the opportunity to serve and share the good news with those in Leipzig. If you're exploring the Christian faith, there are lots of opportunities to find out more about Jesus: get in touch! 

You can find out more on our website.