About Us

We are a member of the Diocese in Europe. Our church, St Leonard's, is of medieval origin and kindly loaned to us by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Assisi. The only regular services held in the church are for the weekly Anglican  Service with Holy Communion.

We work very closely with the Society of St Francis (SSF). The SSF provide in conjunction with the Diocese of Europe a Priest in Charge usually for one or 2 months at a time.  The priests come from all over the world and can be an ordained Anglican minister, a First Order brother, or a Third Order priest.

The core congregation is not large, however, we believe our role in Assisi is to provide spiritual support and a place to worship for all residents, pilgrims and visitors to Assisi. Therefore, our congregations can vary considerably in size and origin.

All are welcome to attend the services, we have an open communion table for all who love our Lord God and are welcome to receive Holy Communion.  Our weekly Holy communion  is on Sundays at 11:00am for one hour.  There are occasionally other services and prayers so please do contact either the Priest in Charge or a member of the Core Team.

Whilst it is not possible to carry out wedding services, due to Italian laws requiring a civil wedding, we can provide Matrimonial Blessings within our church or other external locations. Please contact our core team .

The church is small but the welcome is BIG!!!

Following the service we endeavour to offer refreshments, please do join us as we continue in fellowship together, We also have a facebook page where you can keep up to date with all that is happening with the Assisi Anglicans.