Worship: Sundays at 11:00am for one hour. 

Fellowship: Immediately following services, Sundays at 12:00pm

Getting here

The Church of St Leonard’s, Assisi

in Italian:

Chiesa - di San Leonardo

but also known as:

- di San Francescuccio, to distinguish it from the main church of San Francesco; 


- delle Stimmate;

is situated via Antonio Cristofani, by Piazzetta Garibaldi.

It is better reached on foot.  The closest parking is the Mojano car park which still involves a short walk.

Piazzetta Garibaldi is a small triangular place bi-forking into:

- to the left: via Eugenio Brizi

- to the right: via Antonio Cristofani.

The church is opposite of Cristifani (south-site); its face is recessed from nearby building and thus offers a slightly wider pavement. The Portico fresco above its arch door is the only distinguishing sign as there is no name plate or ‘Civico’ (house-number). When in use for service, a small stand is placed on the pavement to assist passers-by. 

via Antonio Cristofani, by Piazzetta Garibaldi

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