About Us

Our aim is to offer a “Church-from-home” for all English-speaking visitors to Venice. We welcome all Christians and seekers of any Church, or none, who want to find, or to worship God, using the English language. Your visit may be “virtual” on our website www.stgeorgesvenice.com , or actual when you come to our adopted city. Either way, we hope you will find, as so many do, that St. George’s provides an experience in a familiar Anglican/Episcopalian layout but one that’s still in keeping with our cultural surroundings. Here you can offer your thanks to the Creator for the glories of Art and Architecture you see around you in the city, and reflect on how they might affect you in your own life.

You will be made very welcome at our Services, on Sundays at 10.30 am. In the Anglican Tradition, all Baptised Christians in good standing in their own Church are welcome to receive the Eucharist.