<div data-block="true" data-editor="1ce92" data-offset-key="2o90q-0-0"><div data-offset-key="2o90q-0-0">WORSHIP and SERVICES</div></div><div data-block="true" data-editor="1ce92" data-offset-key="f7r7c-0-0"><div data-offset-key="f7r7c-0-0">All The services are in English</div></div><div data-block="true" data-editor="1ce92" data-offset-key="5sg59-0-0"><div data-offset-key="5sg59-0-0">Every Sunday: 10.00 am CET/CEST  Sung Eucharist</div></div><div data-block="true" data-editor="1ce92" data-offset-key="cg4vc-0-0"><div data-offset-key="cg4vc-0-0">Every Friday: 10.00 am CET/CEST Said Eucharist</div></div><div data-block="true" data-editor="1ce92" data-offset-key="dmvt6-0-0"><div data-offset-key="dmvt6-0-0">Any changes will be shown on the Church noticeboard.</div></div><div data-block="true" data-editor="1ce92" data-offset-key="2ng7o-0-0"><div data-offset-key="2ng7o-0-0">All denominations welcome:</div></div>

Getting here

This Victorian Gothic stone "English Country
Church" is open as a quiet place for prayer and
contemplation from 10.00 am CET/CEST to 17.00 each day.

Patronal Festival: Trinity Sunday

A location map can be found on our website Holy Trinity Church, Sliema, Malta (

75 Rudolph Street,
SLM 1273

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