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Plenty of car parking is available across the road from the church. There is also a place near to the church door to drop off anyone who has difficulty walking

Our Building

This is a mid-20th century building, which we share with the local Roman Catholic congregation. Although it was built to be very simple, without artistic embellishment or ornamentation, Salinas Church has character and beauty. It is one of a number of Roman Catholic ‘School-Chapels', which were built with the aim of serving both as a small school for children from the local area as well as a place to say Mass on holy days. The church bell served equally to notify the beginning of classes as to call the faithful to worship

Music and Worship

The choral ensemble, La Vid y La Vida, accompanies the service, normally on the fourth Saturday of the month

Piano music accompanies the hymns, normally on the second Saturday of the month

Groups, Courses and Activities

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