About Us

Part of the Church of England Chaplaincy of Ss Peter and Paul, Torrevieja. The beautiful church was originally built and owned by a wealthy family for their personal use when staying at their mansion nearby. In 1968 the property was sold to a builder who gave it to the community on the condition it was always to remain a church. Once owned by the community the church went from strength to strength; it was thoroughly cleaned, repaired and decorated and the Finnish owners on the urbanisation made the pews. Since then the improvements and furniture have come from church money raised locally, mainly donated. A lot of love, hard work and dedication has gone into the church and the atmosphere inside is lovely, warm and serene. Many of those worshipping in our church have commented on its serenity and warmth.

We are a welcoming and friendly congregation and, although part of the Church of England, we welcome people of all Christian denominations and none.