About Us

This is an inclusive, international congregation looking to live well with each other and with God, and you are very welcome, whatever your background.

English is our shared language not our shared nationality. We come from all over the world but we use the prayers of the Church of England to help us grow together into the mystery of God and God's love for us.

Christianity is our shared faith, but next to you can be people who are happy to be on the very edge of belief and others who would say their lives have been turned around by encountering Jesus.

We are an Anglican Episcopal Church: we set a lot of store by being open and hospitable and thoughtful. It's not the kind of church that wants to squeeze you into a mould, but it will give you a warm welcome, honour the wisdom you bring, and offer resources for living well in a complex and demanding world.

We hope that you will want to make worship here part of the pattern of your life in Stockholm.