About Us

The Church is dedicated to St Christopher, the patron saint of travellers. As a Parish Church it
has a ministry to all the people who live in the geographical parish as well as any who join us for
worship. All are welcome to join us, wherever they are on their journey, whether for an occasional
visit or to become part of the St Christopher's family.

Our worship is in the Modern Catholic tradition of the Church of England. Our worship is joyful and lively, and expresses the culture and experience of the people that come together, particularly in the use of music and ritual. We sing in English, Yoruba, Twi, Fante, Igbo, French and are always broadening our worship. Regular social events include English, Nigerian,
Ghanaian, Caribbean, and Polish food.

Please contact the clergy if you would like to talk or pray with somebody, or for enquiries about
weddings, baptisms, naming ceremonies, thanksgivings, home blessings, confession, funerals, or memorial services for your departed loved ones.

We share our building with Pembroke House, a centre for social action and residential community. Together we form the Pembroke College Settlement, serving the neighbourhood in Walworth since 1885.