Researching your family tree

Researching your family tree
in Stamfordham and Matfen parishes

If you are trying to trace relatives and ancestors from our parishes, the information below should help you to find what you need as quickly as possible.

Registers held in the churches

We only keep current Baptism, Marriage and Burial registers in the churches. If you wish to consult these, please contact us to to make arrangements.

Older registers are only available from the County Archive Service: we do not have copies of these in the parish.

Registers held by the County Archive Service

  • Stamfordham

(including Hawkwell, Cheeseburn, the Heugh, Black Heddon, Wallridge, Fenwick etc)

Baptism Registers     1662-1978
Marriage Registers    1662-1962
Burial Registers         1662-2005

  • Matfen and Ryal

(including Great Whittington, Ingoe, East Matfen, Moorhouses etc)

Baptism Register       1844-1974
Marriage Register      1846-1958
Burial Register           1845-1972

Before 1842, Matfen and Ryal were part of Stamfordham parish,
so all records before that date will be in the Stamfordham registers.

Contacting the County Archive Service

You'll find details of the Archive Service at

Contact information:

Northumberland Collections Service
Queen Elizabeth II Country Park
Northumberland  NE63 9YF

Phone 01670 - 528080

Email [email protected]