About Us

St Lawrence Chapel is one of the oldest buildings in Crediton. It was used as a “reclusoriam” for an anchorite, Brother Nicholas, early in the 13th century. By 1239 he was using it as a hospital with his brethren. Hospitals in those days cared for the poor and the sick with prayer as much as with nursing. St Lawrence was then on the main road to Barnstaple so it might have also put up travellers and pilgrims.

By 1743 it had become a dwelling house and by 1841 it was divided into three cottages. In 1921 Ellen Camilla Drake bought and restored it as a chapel and presented it to the Governors of Holy Cross Church. They subsequently passed it over to Queen Elizabeth’s School and Crediton High School. Holy Communion was held at noon to enable pupils to attend, and many people can remember attending services there as pupils.

In 1982 the chapel was returned to local parish use. From Ash Wednesday to October every year there are regular Holy Communion and Evensong services.

The Friends of St Lawrence Chapel are a Charity and help to maintain the fittings and the running of the Chapel and its lovely garden.